Cannabis Plant Spirit Yoga

 A ceremony to build relationship with cannabis plant spirit medicine through the practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. 

GANJASANA  aligns regenerative cannabis plant medicine ‘GANJA’ with sacred yoga methods  ‘ASANA.’ Founded on the principles of permaculture, we only work with cannabis cultivated in no-till, living organic soil and grown with safe and sustainably conscious methods that are mindful of the health of the plant, the environment and the people. We are here for individuals seeking to learn the tools needed to work with cannabis as a plant ally for optimal healing and wellbeing. Ganjasana creates transformative experiences, holding space to discover the wisdom of the natural world in a safe environment, with the highest quality, sustainable cannabis plant medicine.  Deepen ability to communicate with plant spirit with consciously selected heirloom genetic cultivars. Plant Ceremony has been passed down through the ancient Shipibo Shaman lineage of the Peruvian Amazon Jungle with traditional Curanderas, indigenous women healers.

Embody the wisdom of the cannabis plant spirit and step into your highest Self!