Regenerative Cannabis Plant Medicine 

Ganjasana was founded under the principals of modeling nature to build authentic plant relationships; paying close attention to every aspect of the plant from soil to spirit.

 We value the most ecologically conscious, sustainable and safe cannabis pairings with our yoga practice.  We believe in medicine of the purest form, that goes beyond organic cannabis that aims to not only be sustainable, but regenerative in nature; grown through permaculture styles, and biodynamic living systems. In order to deepen connection with plant spirit, in respect for ourselves, our community and our environment, it is vital that no chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides are used in the growing process.

To ensure the safety of our cannabis, we partner with certified Permaculturalist and regenerative cannabis growers, that use a sustainable approach to beyond-organic cultivation, producing the highest quality cannabis with the smallest possible ecological footprint. The regenerative growing methods restore, renew and revitalize their own sources of energy while integrating the needs of the participants with the integrity of nature. 

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I found Rachael of Ganjasana to be a true steward of the medicine. She shared her knowledge and wisdom from her own journey with the plant from seed to consumption, and led us through a deep and intentional practice. The space she created allowed me to have new insights and revelations about myself and my body. It was really fun to practice this way within a group of new friends and I recommend Ganjasana to beginner and advanced yoga practitioners alike and even to those new to cannabis altogether.
— Liana

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