Guests were treated to an experience full of mindfully consuming cannabis and being aware of not only themselvesbut of the energy and properties of this unbelievable plant. Reminding us to always continue our knowledge about sustainability, remaining mindful of our intentions, educating yourself on edibles, and staying present with each breathe in and out. This was the premier transformational experience with Ganjasana.
— Maggie Murphy for Love and Marij

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Carlevale’s open-minded approach to holistic menstrual wellness includes yoga and — you guessed it — cannabis. Citing Queen Victoria as a cannabis user for menstrual pain relief in the 19th century, Carlevale explains to SheKnows, “Cannabis is a wonderful companion plant to aid menstrual cramps, headaches, pain and uplifts spirits. I prefer heavy indica cannabis cultivars during my cycle, as they are known pain relievers. When approaching the use of edibles, start with slow and small solutions. And be sure to know your cannabis source before consuming. I prefer organic soil-grown cannabis.
— Bethany Ramos, of SheKnows