Rachael Carlevale is the founder of Colorado-based Ganjasana. (Photo by Jeff Skeirik /  Rawtographer ; makeup by  Monica Alvarez ; image provided by  @CosmicSister )

Rachael Carlevale is the founder of Colorado-based Ganjasana. (Photo by Jeff Skeirik / Rawtographer; makeup by Monica Alvarez; image provided by @CosmicSister)

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Carlevale describes her system as a blending as well; what she calls a “conscious pairing of regenerative cannabis plant medicine with the practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.... Ganjasana, she says, became part of a mission: "to help people build a relationship with the plant medicine."

 Photo by Tracey Eller for Cosmic Sister.

Photo by Tracey Eller for Cosmic Sister.

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“What is the best piece of advice you can give to others looking to launch a business in the cannabis industry? 

RC: Patients over profits! Think about why exactly you want to get into the industry and how you can positively impact the ‘greater good.’ With every business decision you make, ensure you are respecting the three main ethics of permaculture- earth care, people care, fair share. How do your decisions impact the environment, the people and how can you ensure everyone gets their fair share? We are all in this together for the plant! Look at mother nature, see how she works all her living organisms into one harmonious ecosystem. We must model nature to regenerate and thrive!”

 Photo by Tracey Eller (, courtesy @CosmicSister

Photo by Tracey Eller (, courtesy @CosmicSister

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“We are quiet, no talking when consuming; it is a sacred time to turn inward and quiet the mind,” Carlevale says. “Our ceremonies are designed to model #nature, to align with her natural rhythms, to connect with cannabis plant spirit medicine.” 
Carlevale is a Boulder, Colorado-based yoga teacher and cannabis advocate who, through the feminist cannabis and psychedelics education and advocacy network Cosmic Sister, has worked with plant medicines over several years under the guidance of ayahuasca shamans in the Amazon. Ganjasana pairs yoga with the ancient plant ceremony traditions of the Shipibo indigenous people of the Amazon to tap into the lessons of the cannabis plant.”

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Liana of Sensi Magazine

"I found Rachael of Ganjasana to be a true steward of the medicine. She shared her knowledge and wisdom from her own journey with the plant from seed to consumption, and led us through a deep and intentional practice. The space she created allowed me to have new insights and revelations about myself and my body. It was really fun to practice this way within a group of new friends and I recommend Ganjasana to beginner and advanced yoga practitioners alike and even to those new to cannabis altogether.

  1. Spring 2017 Lift cover features Rachael Carlevale, Founder of Ganjasana, with makeup by Monica Alvarez, photo shot by Jeff Skeirik, courtesy of Cosmic Sister; Sustainable outfit by Teeki

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The use of cannabis is an ancient ritual that has been a part of humanity for at least 10,000 years. Throughout the millennia, cannabis has found a place alongside many other practices due to its medicinal and spiritual benefits.

Now that the plant is legal in some form in over half of the states, there is more room to explore its unique properties. One practice making waves for people from all backgrounds is cannabis yoga.


I am happy to report that Rachael accepted! What I learned from speaking with her in this interview blew my mind, and I’m excited to share her incredible wisdom and fascinating perspective on marijuana with you.

After healing herself from cancer, this woman has a deep connection with yoga and plant medicine. Her story is both inspirational and deeply thought-provoking.

Rachael also speaks on how plants can be extraordinary teachers in our lives, and a great accompaniment to a mindful yoga practice. She touches on the ancient of practice of women coming together during their menstrual cycle to use the plant medicine, part of what inspired Rachael to hold ongoing events called “The Green Tent: A Women’s Cannabis Yoga Circle.”