Ganjasana creates sacred, transformational experiences in safe and supported settings in alignment with your specific needs. We design ceremonies around the celebration of plant spirit relationships at private event centers and environments for individuals of the legal cannabis consumption age.  

Wedding Celebrations: Invite your wedding party for an exclusive cannabis Plant Spirit Medicine ceremony to celebrate love and your special union with the cannabis plant. Incorporate the sacred shamanic traditions of building plant spirit relationships through the practice of yoga, and set intentions and new rituals to bring you closer together.

Couples Alignment: An intimate experience aligning lover’s chakras and needs through Plant Medicine Yoga. Connect with your partner on a new level and learn how to awaken the Shakti within through a sacred tantric yoga practice. A perfect way to celebrate your anniversary or to spark up the lover’s flame.

Ganja-Sex Ed: A fun and educational night designed to de-stigmatize sex-pot talk, while providing comprehensive information on pleasure, orgasms, STIs, contraception, healthy-relationships and how to incorporate cannabis into your sex life! Learn how to make cannabis sex-lube, how to use it and synergize ganja with the tantric yoga philosophy.

Canna-BIRTHday Medicine Ceremonies: Enjoy a safely guided cannabis lunar flow designed to mirror the natural rhythms of your astrological sign. Align with the stars as you deepen relationships with plants and friends on your special day! 

Women’s Circle: Embrace your divine feminine with the cannabis plant spirit and learn tools to live harmoniously with the natural cycles of life. Join the women in your community, and together, discover how we can deepen our relationship with cannabis plant medicine through the practice of healing yoga to support the female moon cycle. 

Corporate Wellness: Offering the design, implementation and maintenance of corporate wellness programs that honor cannabis plant medicine, the health and wellness of employees and the integrity of the environment. Receive support from a certified Mindfulness Educator in not only creating a sustainable work place, but one that is regenerative, getting better over time. 

Private Sessions: In-person or online private classes designed especially for you, to meet your unique needs. Together, we will explore the best path to health and balance in order to build alignment with the natural world. Mindful of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, Ganjasana will assist you in finding the most beneficial cannabis cultivars, and yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices that you can incorporate into your life plan.